Shepherds of Cats Limited Edition Cassette by Tombed Visions Records

New release by Tombed Visions Records – Shepherds of Cats with special appearance of Dariusz Błaszczak and Panelak
Only 35 copies in stock.

„Over the course of 80 minutes, Anglo-polish instant composers Shepherds of Cats literally carve, sculpt and excavate a dumbfounding variety of material out of walls of silence. Made up of a core trio of Aleksander Olszewski on various percussion, Adam Webster on Cello and Jan Fanfare, owner of Fanfare records on Clavinet D6 and Piano, the Shepherds do not limit themselves to set or confined instrumentation and in turns utilise darboukas, marimbas, harmonicas, found sounds, electronics and their own peculiar use of voice to create a rolling and ever forming narrative of scattered curiosity and investigative improvisation.”