Unique recording at Crow Versus Crow

A new, epic creation of Shepherds of Cats, entitled „Fluffy Cat of Innocence” appeared on For Scant Applause: A Collection of Christmas​-​ish Songs Curated by Crow Versus Crow. Check it here: crowversuscrow.bandcamp.com/album/for-scant-applause-a-collection-of-christmas-ish-songs-curated-by-crow-versus-crow „The idea for this project came from a search for a Christmas album that didn’t rely on the same old tired (mostly) naff […]

New music video by vj pietrushka

Here you have a new film made for „Reverse stroking” recording from Four furry animals expecting to be stroked by someone. Thanks vj pietrushka! You can get the full CD at http://fanfarefanfare.com/four_furry_animals/