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About Us

Welcome to our webpage.

FANFARE is a kind of platform on which a group of artists, closely or loosely linked, publish their notes related to the exploration of the phenomenon of improvisation in sound and image. We deliberately use the word "note" for the things that we present do not purport to be finished works. Rather, they are moments which capture the excitement and often fleeting states of mind. We move in the dark, often grappling with the awareness of how much more work is ahead of us.

In the context of FANFARE various constellations arise. Sometimes they are solo experiments. Sometimes they take the form of ad-hoc bands that record improvised music together and do not meet again. There are also more durable formations that result in regular recording sessions and concerts.

Visiting FANFARE lets you trace the records of our past projects; you can listen or watch online. Others can be downloaded completely free of charge to your computer in the form of audio - video. Others can be purchased, and are either our handmade CDR, or recordings available only in digital download.

All the things that you download for free from our website are for your personal home use. However, if you would like to use them for commercial purposes, please contact us. The same is true of the things that you buy from our site.

Handmade CDR Records

Virtual Records